HayMan Quarterly No. 3
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The New HayMan Quarterly is finally here for October 2003!!

What's New?

It's been a long 6 months or so since I've done anything here (or with my computer), so don't expect too much with this installment. In fact, I think I'll just make this one very basic and add to it until after October when I (might) start a new one. So the "Quarterly" part has become "Bi-Annually" for this year. Oh well. I've had a lot on my plate lately. Anyway, enjoy what you can and I hope to be adding more to the site during the next few months. Consider it a "renovation in progress".

I've created a new page for the Table of Contents . Just click here to go there, or you can find it at the top of each page.

I also have a NEW GUESTBOOK , so go sign it! Leave a message and feel free to ask questions or talk amongst yourselves!

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