HayMan Quarterly No. 2
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HayMan Quarterly, April 2002, is finally here!!

What's New?

"Bussin'" (above) and "Hayman" (framed) drawn by Marc Hickey

Hello, campers!!! 'Tis the season for merriment in the woods! That's right, there's only a few months left to get organized, which means I'm gonna have to get off my lazy, internet-zombied butt and get my bus running. (ugh) I hope it's an easy fix.
Be sure to check out the new " ROAD SIGNS " page and the new " PHOTOS " page (featuring: "Our Vacation: Day 1") that I've included into this edition. Both are good for a few smiles.
I changed Miscellaneous Doodads to "Spillage and Splendor." It's the same thing -- rants and raves. New topic for this issue: COWS .
I added a page of "LINKS" to the site. Some are fun and some are informative. I've also added some Volkswagen page links to the bottom of the VolksKamp '02 page. Be sure to have a look.
I've upgraded the "Table of Contents" (below) so that now you can click from right there to the page you want to see.
Have fun reading and looking, and I'll see you at VK'02 !!! (...or next issue, coming in July, I hope!)

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where credit is due...

First of all, my "Thank You's."
  • Thank you, Readers, for visiting my site!
  • Thank you, Tripod, for the free space and the Site Builder!
  • Thank you, Lycos, for the free E-mail and Tripod!
  • Thank you, Trellix, for the Power!
  • Thank you, Volkswagen, for your existence!
  • Thanks, Mom & Dad, for life.... you too, God!
  • Thank you, Pepsi and Folgers, for the caffeine!!
  • Thanks to all my friends for your help!
  • And Thank you, all you web designers, creators, and maintainers, for all the terrific links!

HayMan Quarterly was dreamed up and created by Marc L. Hickey in December, 2001. He is also responsible for the upkeep and maintenance of this website. The content is not entirely from the depths of his brain, however. (Most of it is.) He has recieved a load of help from his friends, family, and last, but certainly not least, from the love of his life, Karen.

Marc would now like to take this opportunity to say a few words:

"Hay, man... what's happenin'?"

Table of Contents
for April 2002

VolksKamp '02

Where at, when, and how long? Also, links to other VW webpages and a couple nice links for you POTATO enthusiasts...

Road Signs

Photos of actual signs (mostly).


Tabloid turmoil. Phony news. 100% false!

Spillage and Splendor

Rants and Raves. This issue: Cows.


A sneak preview of my cartoon called "Floyd " . Also, cool links for other cartoon stuff.


Real neato pictures. This issue: "Our Vacation: Day 1" -- a slide show.


Short Stories and Poems submitted to me by readers like you! This Issue: The Long Kiss Goodnight by Thad Brown.

Various links to sites all around the world-wide-web.


Contact Me


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